Notre savoir-faire Matières

  • Aluminium
  • Plastique
  • Gravoply (Dilophane)
  • Inox
  • Laiton
  • PVC
  • Polyester
  • Polycarbonate (Lexan)
  • Titane
  • Toile, Bâche
  • Adhésif
  • PMMA

About us

T3S – Tecnic Sérigraphie Service - is a screen printing company specialised in industrial marking. With a 15-strong team, we manufacture all types of screen printed or engraved labels for the industry, on metals and plastics. Our impression techniques are: flat-bed screen printing, chemical, mechanical and laser engraving, digital impression, cut-out letters. The materials used are: aluminium, stainless steel, brass, all types of adhesives (vinyl, polyester…), polycarbonates, PMMA…

Our achievements

Aluminium and stainless steel technical labels:

Plastic / Adhesive Labels:

Front faces:

Cut out letters:

Chemical / Mechanical / Laser engraving:

Our certifications

Nos certifications

ISO 9001-V2008 Nos certifications

Nos certifications

Aircelle Nos certifications

Nos certifications

Rolls Royce Nos certifications



Contact us:

ZAC de Pahin - 4, Bd Denis Papin
31170 Tournefeuille FRANCIA
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